• Ada Ozo Mrs. Nonye Agude, RN, BSN, MPH.
    CEO/Clinical Director
    0-705-801-8905 (Nig)
    Phone: 951-317-9175
    Fax: 951-788-0303
  • Dr. Peter T. Ako, MD
    Chief Medical Director / Program Coordinator
    Phone: 909-636-1485
  • Barrister Anny Nwozaku, Esq.
    Managing Director
    Phone: 0-803-756-5874
  • Dr. Emmanuel Nwoye, MD
    Medical Director for Africa
    Phone: +011234-706-382-3704

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How You Can Take Action

We are thankful for individuals who have been a part of our mission. You can also support our cause by taking some actions today. You can either donate, volunteer, or sponsor. Your contribution will make a great impact in helping our African children and families to have a better life.

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