How You Can Take Action

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We at Grace Mission For African Development are your partners in making a great difference in our community through charity programs. There are many ways to help our cause.

We are expecting many more beneficiaries or even large crowds this year. Our current team of volunteer professionals may not be able to cope with all the patients. We are, therefore, requesting the services of other good-willed healthcare professionals from the USA, Nigeria, and beyond to join our team.

If you want to volunteer, please sign up with our form here.

Since we will be treating the sick and feeding the hungry/needy, we will need drinking water, food, disposable plates, cutlery, durable medical supplies, etc. So cash or any other form of assistance/sponsorship is badly needed. Please come to the aid of our sick and needy, and the Lord Almighty will surely reward you abundantly. Remember: As you sow in God’s Vineyard, He will show in yours exceedingly! A list of all sponsors and donors will be compiled and distributed at the event venues. Nothing will be too small!

All donations should be made to SUCCOR FOUNDATION INC. (a not-for-profit, an IRS tax-exempt organization under 501 © 3). You may also use our online form here.

Please don’t hesitate to reach us today at 951-529-9832 / 951-809-7529 or 0-705-801-8905 Nig. (CEO) or 0-803-756-5874 (Managing Director) in case of any questions.

We call on you to join us in making life better for the many needy/less privileged, through this humanitarian network.

Thank you very much for the anticipated help and God bless you all.

How You Can Take Action

We are thankful for individuals who have been a part of our mission. You can also support our cause by taking some actions today. You can either donate, volunteer, or sponsor. Your contribution will make a great impact in helping our African children and families to have a better life.

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